Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Walk Through Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach Pier.

Every other street in Manhattan is a cut through down to the beach.  While driving by I fell in love with each street and I spent the rest of my day exploring.                                

My Sunday uniform is a V-neck T, Slim Boy Jeans, Keds and a Baseball Cap.  This top from Madewell is called a Slub V-neck it comes in twelve diffrent colors and may be the best investment. I wear these Ts to bed, school, work and even out tucked into high waisted jeans and a cute necklace. Once you buy one you will be hooked...prepare yourself. Always carry around a baseball cap when in California.  A Vineyard Vines Cap is always my first choice.     


An afternoon of exploring calls for Happy Hour! We took a ride down to Rancho Palos Verdes to an open to the public resort called The Terranea Resort.  The grounds were perfect for a sunset walk and the restaurants are even better!  And my only advice for everyone is bring a sweater where ever you go.  Sitting on a cliff eating apps got a little chilly and I was so grateful for my sweater. 

Outfit Details: 
TShirt: Madewell    Jeans: Slim Boy Jeans Madewell    Necklace: Dogeared     Sweater: JCrew          Purse: Madewell            Hat: Vineyard Vines               Shoes: Keds

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  1. I love how relaxed, but still put together this look is. It's nice to get dressed up, of course, but this look is so realistic and comfortable for a day at the beach. Love!